Unkeep your Koan

Every KOAN have been submitted to a treatment to prevent oxidation, encrease toughness and stability.
However However, your KOAN require regular maintenance on your part.
– At least once a week, apply an oil (type ACF50, Armistol, Froglube), and also whenever the instrument is no longer used.
– Wipe your instrument after playing with a soft cloth type micro-fiber to remove all traces of moisture and residual trace (sweating, fat, etc.).
– Spray the oil on all your instrument (up and down), make penetrate with a soft cloth, then remove the excess oil.
– Never play your instrument in the sun. If it remained in the sun, let it cool before playing.
– Play softly and lightly, otherwise you risk detuning and sound will be altered (saturation of sounds).
– About 1 time per month, clean the whole hull with alcohol using an absorbent paper and apply an oil (type ACF50, Armistol, Froglube).
– Do not play with mallets, chopsticks, etc.
– After use, store your instrument in a secure place to avoid a fall that could damage it.
– Do not store the instrument in it bag as it may contain humidity. The bag is only for transport.
– When traveling, let the instrument for a while get used to its new environment.