Handpan Sound Sculpture

Crédit photo : V. Guilbaud
koan atelier b&w


KOAN are hand made Handpans.
Each instrument is hand hammered to get desired scale and own sound, each KOAN is unique.
Since 2013, KOAN works with steel on Handpans building. Our purpose is to offer the highest possible quality, it takes a lot of time, searches and developpement. Production is low, only one person working on their designs.
Scales and ambience can be varied according to our desires and mood, steel is our guide …
Sculptures are delicate and fragile, they must be played and maintained as it should be!

Why KOAN ?

In the tradition of Zen, the koan is a riddle that aims to separate us from the logic and the rational to enter another world view.
The Koan is there to help us out and unlearn our prejudices and projections.

This is the feeling I had and still have when I am faced with steel …

koan profil2

How to get a KOAN ?

To order your Koan, a first contact will be necessary to specify your contact details and the scale chosen from those presented on our page. scales.
Prenez bien le temps de vous renseigner sur la gamme que vous souhaitez pratiquer. Suite aux premiers échanges nous vous informons du délai de fabrication (4à 6 semaines  environ) et des détails de livraison.

A deposit for any order will be requested in the amount of 200€.
Koans can be sent by parcel post worldwide (with a rigid case only), we practice double packaging for more security (the costs and risks are your responsibility).

When an instrument with the chosen scale is available or in the process of being finished, we will contact you and present the instrument to you…

Price: 1350€ with a case (deposit included) for a 9 note KOAN (Ding included) // 1450€ for a stainless steel with a case (deposit included) for a 9 note ding included.

Shipping costs and packaging are extra.

Tarif envoi : 50€ France, 100€ Europe, 150€ Autre (US / Chine / Suisse …)5 à 

Our designs ...

For several years now, Koan has also been experimenting with the design of its handpans using its own techniques. We speak of plain for monochrome handpans without drawings. There may be some color variations.

Our latest design gives an abstract and unique look to the entire instrument. The lines and figures are random. The background color varies from brown to light blue to purple red and depends on our needs during construction. It will be specified that it is not a question of painting and that it does not alter the quality of the sound.