Tous les KOAN ont subi un traitement pour augmenter la résistance à l’oxydation, la dureté et la stabilité de l’accordage. Ils nécessitent cependant un entretien régulier de votre part.


At least once a week, apply an oil such as ACF50, Armistol, Froglube... and also each time the instrument is no longer used. To do this, spray the oil all over your instrument (top and bottom), rub in with a soft cloth, then with a paper towel remove the excess oil.

Once a month clean with alcohol using a paper towel before applying your oil. Wipe your instrument after playing with a soft micro-fiber type cloth to remove all traces of moisture and residual traces (perspiration, grease, etc.).

Never play your instrument in the sun. If it has been left in the sun, allow it to cool before playing.
Do not store the instrument in its case as it may contain moisture. The cover is for transport only.

Play it lightly, otherwise you risk throwing it out of tune and the sound will be altered (note saturation).

Do not play with mallets, sticks, etc.

After use, store your instrument in a safe place to avoid any fall that could damage it. When traveling let the instrument get used to its new environment for a while.